Song Contest

Information, rules & regulations for the GSC Song Contest


We will have one winner, and the prizes include...

1) A single song publishing contract with Crossroads Music.

2) A winnerís certificate, suitable for framing.

3) One year Gold G-team membership.

4) The name of the winner will be posted on our Winner Announcement page, with a link to the winner's webpage.

5) The winning song will be placed in a MP3 music player on the Winner Announcement page, which artists will be invited to review.

6) An article about our winner (with photo) will be in Gospel Songwriter Magazine, including a link the the winner's webpage.

7) Mickey Mixon will assist in pitching the winning song to the artists who use GSC and who read Gospel Songwriter Magazine.


The contest entry deadline date is Thursday, June 30th, 2011.

Entries received after that date are automatically disqualified, so please mark your calendar and provide yourself a reminder note concerning this date. Thanks.

Honorable Mention

Sorry ... Honorable Mention has expired

Reward: Contestants who submit their entries and fees before Monday, June 20th will have their name listed in the Honorable Mention section of our Winner Announcement page.

Also, a link to their webpage will be included.


We will announce our winner July 8th, 2011.

The announcement will be e-mailed and posted on the Winner Announcement page and in Gospel Songwriter Magazine.


Gospel songwriters whose primary writing style is Black Gospel, Bluegrass Gospel, Contemporary Gospel, Country Gospel or Southern Gospel.

Writers who aren't staff writers, who don't earn a living writing fulltime, or had more than 3 songs in the top 10 radio charts.

Contestants that submit and abide by the contest rules and regulations.


1) Coauthored songs are permissible if coauthor is eligible for the contest, per our eligibility rules, also...

2) Coauthor must agree to allow the song to be entered into the contest.

3) Coauthor must agree to the single song publishing contract.

2) Coauthor does not receive a winnerís certificate.

3) Coauthor does not receive One year Gold G-team membership.

4) Coauthor's name will not be included on our Winner Announcement page, nor have a link to his/her webpage.

5) Coauthor's name can be included in the article about our winner in Gospel Songwriter Magazine but not a link to the coauthor's webpage.


Since our grand prize is a single song publishing contract, each song submitted must be unpublished.

Songs that are already published are unqualified.


No, it does not matter if your song is or isn't copyrighted.


You may submit as many song entries as you wish.

There are two ways to submit, via Internet or US postal mail.


E-mail your MP3 to:

If you enter more than one song please e-mail them separately. 

Please include your lyrics in the body of the e-mail, not as an attachment.

Include your name and contact information.

You will need to include the name and contact information of the coauthor if you submit a coauthored song.

Please use the following e-mail Subject Line: Song Contest

US Postal

Submit your song on CD.

If you enter more than one song please include them all on one, single CD.

Include your name, phone number and e-mail address on your CD.

Include a lyric sheet for each song.

Include your name, phone number and e-mail address on each lyric sheet.

Mail To:
Song Contest
Mickey Mixon
9091 Noroad
Jacksonville FL 32210-6105

Entry Fee

$25.00 per song.

You can submit your entry fee two ways...

1) Via our PayPal account, at the bottom of this page.

2) Via check or money order, payable to GospelSongwriter.Com


No refunds are provided.

No refunds are offered or provided for any reason.


All entries, submitted according to our rules and regulations, will qualify for our judging process.

Mickey will receive and review each song, audio and lyric.

Mickey will judge each song by (1) title and lyric correlation, (2) lyric, meter, rhyme, melody and chord structure (3) and overall appeal.

Mickey will select the top entries.

Mickey will submit the top entries to Greg Bentley who is the publishing director of Crossroads Music.

Greg will judge the songs for publisher and commercial appeal.

Greg will choose our winner.

Greg will inform Mickey of the winner and Mickey will make the announcement.


Except for the single song publishing contract, Mickey is responsible for all aspects of our contest.

Crossroads Music and Greg are responsible for the publishing contract, and will contact our winner and make arrangements regarding the contract.


There are no refunds.

Late entries will be carefully deleted and disposed of, and the entry fee added to the GSC bank account.

We cannot and wonít be responsible for any lost, stolen, damaged, or late entries.

After the contest, all entries will be respectfully and carefully deleted and disposed of, so please donít mail originals/masters.

We cannot and wonít be liable, in any form or fashion, for any possible copyright infringements.


Your entry into this contest automatically grants Mickey, Greg, GSC and Crossroads Music nonexclusive rights to use your name, image, song title, audio and lyrics, contact information, and any likeness, on our website, magazine, and in our advertising, press releases, and communications.


1) Don't forget our entry deadline date.

2) You can submit your entry fee via our PayPal account, below. You can choose how many songs you wish to enter and pay for via the dropdown button, up to eight (8) song entries.


Thank you for participating in our contest.

Feel free to contact Mickey if you have any questions.

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